Lindsay Alexandria is a visual artist residing in Brooklyn. Lindsay grew up surrounded by trees in Pennsylvania, where her love of painting was first encouraged through art classes and a family who valued artistic endeavors. Oil painting became her primary medium in adolescence because of the versatility in style and ability to work in larger formats.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Design, her career in graphic design drove her away from painting in pursuit of a more structured, seemingly stable practice for a number of years. Eventually, the draw of painting again became strong, and she began to explore a new style of work that incorporated both her design training and her deep love of the natural world.

Her work is a practice of letting go of her preconceived notions of what the life of an artist must be and redefining it for herself. It’s a practice of letting go of the need to be completely stable at all times to truly express her inner desires. The work is a play on stable structures coexisting in harmony with the impermanence of nature. Sometimes these opposing forces are working together and sometimes they are at odds with each other.

You can check out more of her work on instagram or reach out if you’d like a commissioned piece.